Tips & Keys

Mind Power

  1. We have all the power inside us – to do what we think.
  2. Will power is all we need to perform any task.
  3. Our habits makes as a good or a bad person.
  4. Stay away from negative feelings.
  5. Harness and maintain your mind power.

Tips for Students

  1. Have a faith in yourself.
  2. Be positive always
  3. You will find yourself ready for the exam.
  4. Fix the timetable and follow it truly.

Tips for Girls

  1. To keep your skin healthy use home remedies.
  2. Apply a mixture of lemon juice and honey on your face every morning.
  3. Use ‘Ubtan’ once in a week.
  4. Always use sunscreen before going outside.
  5. Always eat fruits, dry fruits and drink more water.
  6. Be always positive.

When you are Angry do following steps to feel relaxed

  1. Drink cold water always.
  2. Keep yourself positive.
  3. Don’t talk too quickly.
  4. Listen to your favourite music which will make you feel relaxed.
  5. Complete your work on time.
  6. You should be always hopeful in life

Some quotes on ladies

नारी तुम प्रेम हो,

पुजा हो, विश्वास हो,

हर टूटी हुयी उम्मीदों की

एक मात्र आशा हो !