About Chitra

Hi I am Chitra, I have won Mrs. photogenic award held at Bhopal in 2010. After that, I won the first runner-up medal for Mrs. India competition held at Daman in 2018.
I am a Theatre artist, Voice Over Artist, Judge, Social worker, Teacher, Counsellor, and also I have worked as a Doordarshan Akashwani announcer.


Hi I am Chitra Johri I was born and brought up in Kanpur, where I studied from 6 class to MA psychology, from Kanpur. After that, I did B.Ed. in Kanpur and also learned music, at that time I also get interested in media. Before marriage, I did a program on Doordarshan but because of my study, I couldn’t do more programs. I got an NCC ‘C’ certificate and also did a job in many schools. My father worked for MES & my mother was also a working woman. I have 2 brothers & 2 sisters stay in Lucknow.

I got married to an army officer, and because of his job, I got a good exposure to various Indian cultures, traditions, and people. My husband job was not at the fixed place so I couldn’t continue my work at one location, and my kids were too young so it was difficult to do something on my own or difficult to manage my work. When my children grew up in 9th class I started to do some work. I have also organized several stage functions in the army.

Life was speeding up and my husband got retired from the army services. After his retirement, he continues to work even my kids started working. Then I met with my friends who supported me to reach this point and my family also supported me in my every achievement.
Lots of things are remaining in my life & I am sure that I have the confidence in myself to achieve all those things. My friends & family are with me & with their support, I am confident that I have to do a lot. I believe in god & have trust in myself. I am a very hopeful person in my life & believe that If we do good for others then in return we will always get good from others too. I like to travel, meet new peoples & create good friends. My family has always supported me to do new things & achieve the best that I can in my life. I am very positive in life & help other peoples. I will always do good works as much as I can which will be helpful for peoples in need as well and for the welfare of the society

Thank You,

Personal Information

Hi I did B.Ed, M.A, and N.T.C from Kanpur. I am working with different NGO as a social worker because it’s my life’s moto I will do anything for a society that I can do.
I am working as a Counsellor, Hindi online Teacher, Doordarshanakashwani announcer, Theatre artist, judge many stage functions and also I am a Social worker.
My friends who always supported me in my every achievement. I believe in god & have trust on myself. I like travelling, reading, car driving and photography. I am very positive in life & help other peoples.

Thank you to all my following friends for supporting me in my goals.

  • Smt.Durga
  • Suchitra
  • Sandeep
  • vennky
  • Arman
  • Varsha
  • Neha
  • Pritee
  • Kasika
  • Archana
  • Manmeet Sir
  • Vinay Yadav
  • Mr.Ajay(NGO)
  • Vikram Sir
  • Smita Kshirsagar

Special Thanks to Vicky Verma